ISKOI: LCSH in SKOS now "officially" available

Barbara Tillett isko at
Mon May 4 12:12:22 CEST 2009

The Library of Congress is pleased to open its ID.LOC.GOV web service,
Authorities and Vocabularies, with the Library of Congress Subject
Headings (LCSH) as the initial offering.  The primary goal of this
service is to enable machines to programmatically access data at the
Library of Congress but the web interface also provides simple user
access.  We view this service as a step toward exposing and
interconnecting vocabulary and thesaurus data via URLs.   For LCSH, we
are fortunate to have been able to link terms to a similar service
provided in Europe for RAMEAU, a French subject heading vocabulary
closely coordinated with LCSH.

We are very interested to get feedback on the uses and usefulness of the
service to inform ways that we might enhance it.  (There is a comment
form at the site.).  Over the next few months we will also be expanding
it to other vocabularies commonly found in standards that the Library
supports such as the Thesaurus of Graphic Materials, geographic area,
language, and relator codes, and preservation events and roles.

So please go to the site and explore it for yourself at

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