ISKOI: KO and collectively shared knowledge: Lyon: June 24-26

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Mon Nov 17 15:53:54 CET 2008

ISKO-France is pleased to announce the holding of its 7th Biennial Conference.
Theme : "Knowledge Organization and collectively shared knowledge"
Organized in Lyon by the University Jean-Moulin Lyon 3 & the ENSSIB 
(the National School of Information and Library Science)
Date: June 24th , 25th - 26th 2009

The Seventh Conference of the French ISKO Chapter will focus on the 
collaborative processes related to collective intelligence, together 
with the question of knowledge organization. From this point of view, 
the purpose of the conference will be to gather theoretical and 
practical contributions coming from the information sciences as well 
as from other fields of study.
The conference will particularly ­ but not exclusively ­ include 
research papers on the following themes:

1. Virtual communities, social networks and communities of practice;
2. Social indexing versus normalized indexing based on controlled 
vocabulary languages , classifications and ontologies;
3. Uses and practices of digital devices for work;
4. Linguistic (multilinguism) and cultural aspects of knowledge 
sharing and of knowledge construction;
5. Collaborative research and information intelligence sharing
6. Information intelligence and knowledge sharing;
7. The impact of norms and formats on collective work;
8. Collaborative practices within the distributed learning;
9. Holistic intelligence and collaborative information practices;
10. Documents re-indexing through practices;
11. Construction, representation and access to open resources;

The aim of this conference is to gather proposals dealing with new 
and original researches. It is intended for researchers (both young 
and recognized) as well as for professionals involved in a reflexive process.

** Important Dates**

Electronic paper submission deadline 01 Feb. 2009
Notification of acceptance 01 March 2009
Final version of accepted papers 15 March 2009
Conference ISKO'2009 Lyon 24, 25, 26 June 2009

** Submission instructions **

Proposals to be sent to : isko2009 at
On the first page the author(s) will mention the following information:
- name, e-mail address, job title, institution, phone number.
- the complete title of the proposal and maximum 5 keywords in French 
and English.
The next page will include the abstract: 4000 characters with spaces 
showing the title of the proposal, the research question, the 
theoretical framework, supports, research methods and results (only 
this page will be transferred to reviewers).
We would appreciate you sending us the complete paper as soon as 
possible. The proposals will be anonymously reviewed by two members 
of the programme committee.
The proposals that do not allow the evaluation anonymity will be 
returned to their authors.
Format Word, Times 12, line spacing 1.5
Conference language: French
Conference e-mail address: isko2009 at
The reviewers may demand the modification of the final pre-accepted 
proposals. The final format of the article will be up to 7500 
characters (7 pages maximum).
Each final accepted proposal implies that its author subscribes to 
the conference ­ or at least one of the authors in case of multiple authors.
A precise layout guide will be send to pre-accepted authors.

** Programme Committee **

Programme Chairs :
EL HACHANI Mabrouka, MCF (Université Lyon3), (el-hachani at
HASSOUN Mohamed, Prof. (enssib) (mohamed.hassoun at )

BOUZIDI Laid, Université Lyon3,
CHAUDIRON Stéphane, Université Lille3
COUZINET Viviane, Université de Toulouse III
DALHOUMI Salah, enssib
DAVID Amos, Université de Nancy II
DELAHOUSSE Jean Luc, Mondeca, France
DESCHAMPS Jacqueline, Haute école de gestion Carouge, Switzerland
DUMAS Philippe, Université du Sud Toulon-Var
GHENIMA Malek, ESCE - Université de la Manouba, Tunisie
GREEN Rebecca, Assistant Editor , Dewey Decimal Classification, Dublin USA
HASSOUN Mohamed, enssib
HUDON Michèle, EBSI ­ Montréal, Canada
IBEKWE-SANJUAN Fidelia, Université Lyon3
LAINE-CRUZEL Sylvie, Université Lyon3
LAROUK Omar, enssib
LELEU-MERVIEL Sylvie, Université de Valenciennes
LEVY Pierre, Université Ottawa
LÓPEZ-HUERTAS María, Université de Grenade, Espagne
MADINIER Hélène HEG Genève
MARTELETO Régina Maria, Université fédérale du Minas Gerais, Brésil
MASSELOT Cyril, Université de Franche Comté
MOURA Maria Aparecida, Université fédérale du Minas Gerais, Brésil
MUSTAFA EL HADI Widad, Université de Lille3
OHLY Peter, Social Science Information Center, Bonn, Germany
QUONIAM, Luc, Université de Toulon
REGIMBEAU Gérard, enssib
SIDHOM Sahbi, Université de Nancy II
SMIT Johanna, Université de Sao Paulo, Brésil
TMIMI Ismail, Université de Lille3
VAN CUYCK Alain, Université Lyon3

** Organization committee **
EL HACHANI Mabrouka, MCF, Lyon3
HASSOUN Mohamed, Prof, enssib
BERNAOUI Radia, Doct., enssib
LE DEUFF Olivier, ATER, Lyon3
SIDHOM Sahbi, MCF, Nancy2
VAN CUYCK Alain, MCF, Lyon3

Ibekwe-SanJuan Fidelia
Lecturer, University of Lyon 3 (France)
Visiting Research Scholar -
College of Information Science & Technology
University of Drexel, Philadelphia, USA

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