ISKOI: 14th Knowledge Management Forum (Milano, Italy, 12-16 October 2009) - call for papers

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Thu Jan 15 12:30:00 CET 2009


I am pleased to present the 14th KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT FORUM.

Critical Dates are the following:
- July, 4, 2009: Submission deadline for papers
- July, 25, 2009: Notification of acceptance for papers
- September, 15, 2009: Submission deadline for camera-ready papers and
(possibile) deadline of registration as a speaker for the author of the
validated paper to present it within the Km Tracks Session.

Best regards


Milano (Italy), 12th - 16th October 2009

Knowledge Management is the key to increase the competitiveness in
organizations and the professional competencies of related collaborators.
Knowledge Management Forum since 13 editions is the meeting on the cultural,
organizational and technological innovations to spread knowledge management.

The goal of km forum is to collect the best original practice on knowledge
management, from a cultural,
organizational and technological point of view through case study
presentation and papers talking about
knowledge management scenarios, strategies, methodologies, technologies,
applications, processes, focus on, solutions, best practice, experiences
able to increase the competitiveness od organizations and the
professionality of his collaborators managing knowledge.
Best papers will be published on KappaeMme (, a
magazine on managing and communicating organizational knowledge edited by
JEKPOT, the Knowledge Management Company.


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